Mushroom Shaman


yogananda-mushroomsOur dedication here at Mushroom Shaman is to teach, share, heal, educate and inform members of our life’s choices, their impact, and the sacred opportunity to heal with the rhythm of Nature. The primary services that we offer include Tarot, Shamanic Divination and Healing, Spiritual Health Assessment and Counseling, and Astrology. Each of these breaks down into a separate track for learning and by clicking the links to learn more, you will find the choice and experience that best serves you.

Mushroom Shaman is a network and community that is spored by Rev. Hugh T Alkemi with roots in Southern CA, Arizona and Nevada.

MushroomShaman is sponsored by and grew out of the EntheoRadio Podcast show that teaches about shamanism & psychedelic medicine, find it on Spotify and and many other places for podcasts by searching EntheoRadio.

Divination is such an valuable part of decision making with your personal destiny. If you are here for a reading, please proceed directly services pages.

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Please seek with an open mind, we welcome all kinds of people to learn and discover through this site and many of our services. is a moral group and our practitioners are bound to an oath to follow the Universal Laws of Creator, God(s) and Nature. We do not encourage breaking any laws so please know them and be responsible. We do not have any sacramental medicines to sell or offer the public (i.e. we do not sell “magic” mushrooms), we offer counseling services, healing, spiritual teaching, and information through this site!!! Thank You, Namaste!

Buddha and Christ may have enjoy sacred and magic mushrooms

Buddha and Christ may have enjoy sacred and magic mushrooms