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Unleash the power of your spirit with our dedicated support for seekers of shamanic and mystical experiences. Explore the profound realms of mushroom medicine and sacred plant sacraments, enriched by enchanting rituals, enlightening divination readings, celestial astrology, and herbal health consultations.


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Mushroom Shaman is an online resource connecting humans through the mycelial network and reminding us of what was here long before us, what's here now, and what will be here after us.

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Microdosing is an interesting shamanic art and alchemical practice. I personally practiced this several years ago with Psilocybe Cubensis, Magic Mushrooms and Magic Cactus (containing mescaline). In this section, I will be exploring this subject in detail with stories, personal experiences, herbal recipes and more.

As you may have heard: “The message is in the mycellium” -Peter McCoy