Our green capsules are a color code for 200mg of magic powder (whole mushroom form)

CLIENT: Good morning! Should I take the capsules on an empty stomach? Another question about dosing, how many capsules a day? Response (Hugh):

Regarding empty stomach dosing, that’s up to you and it really doesn’t matter. If you feel too strong of effects, try it with food to come down from the high a little.

When choosing a number of capsules to take I like up to a couple doses a day, one or two at once. I suggest doing one dose a day for the least amount of tolerance that occurs within a 24 hour period. Every 12-16 hours your body detoxifies psilocybin but it adapts to it quickly. Soo, it’s safe to dose at your discretion however abusing it like candy yields only tolerance within 48hrs.

I take one dose per every 6-8 hrs at the most. The second dose usually is a little higher in the same day if I want to have the same effect. 90min or less is when tolerance sets in from the first dose. Exercise and hydration help for moving things through including tolerance.

Hugh’s Hack: Pineapple juice, vitamin C supplements, and Orange/Citrus juice can nearly double the effects of the doses. Try to have a daily vitamin c boost with or before your first dose.

Hope that helps, and feel free to schedule a call with me next week if you still want support and we can keep biohacking this until you feel perfect!