Work with Me

San Pedro Cactus
All Divination Services are 1 usd per minute.
Astrology is 100 for one hour and 15 min.


-Tarot Card Reading (or Playing Cards) via Phone or Video Chat

-Transits and Natal Charts in Western Astrology

-Shamanic Medicine Walks***

-Business Branding and Renaming plus Numerology

-Dream Interpretation

-Ghost Hunting/Spirit Cleansing/Communication/Negotiation***

-Natal Astrology and Human Design chart readings

-Personal and Business Entity Chart Interpretations

-Future Financial Forecasting of Corporate or Personal Entities

-Bitcoin and Currency Chart Analysis***

-Dowsing for Water, Gold, or Hidden Treasure and Lost Objects

-Limpias or Cleansing Rituals

-Shamanic Extraction, Soul Retrieval or Exorcism
-Shamanic Ritual Healing***

Captain Hugh specializes in the weird and occult realms and is open to questions about your specific situation before appointments are scheduled. First 15min free. 619-663-4844


***Please notice these services are now solely available through cryptocurrency payments (online or in person) or cash (in person). We accept most forms of cryptocurrency with online wallets.


All Shamanism services require a handshake call and we have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Free handshake calls can be scheduled by texting or calling with your name and interest! Sometimes we must refer you to another shamanic or psychic counselor.

DIRECT CALLS TO 619-663-4844


Bitcoin payments are welcome and encouraged!!

Paypal is another option for easy payments.