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Services Offered


Astrology is very helpful to give us answers that show us bigger pictures and patterns in our life, relationships and karma.

Services include karma and past life readings, relationship charts (synergy), transits current, solar returns (birthday), lunar returns (monthly readings), and electional astrology for event planning.


Card Reading with the Tarot set of cards from a modern or classical deck. Traditional spreads and generally 78 cards in a deck, shuffled and cut.

Spreads are the choice of the reader and the client and can be customized.


Oddities encompass a variety of shamanic divination and oracular arts performed under different names.  They involve the use of bones, mushrooms, corn kernels, rocks, and other naturally occurring objects for divination purposes. 

This form of divination pairs well with runes and tea leaf divination. It can be done in tandem with Astrology and Tarot as well in private sessions.

This form of reading takes a lot of focus and is best left outside of public eyes. Consider it weird and secret.

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