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Beyond Paul the Blind Preacher: The Hummingbird Method


Based on a series of dreams and coincidences, I am titling this technique and its recipes: the Hummingbird Method. Think of tiny amounts of nectar and how the hummingbird is so small, therefore it consumes only tiny amounts of manna,…
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Microdosing Psilocybin and Mescaline: Beyond Stamets’ Magic Stack

In this series of articles, I will follow up about what a microdose is and how to dose with magic cactus or mescaline and conclude with a discussion of Paul Stamets and his recommendations for microdosing that seem to be…
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Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, Vancouver 2017

Travel, Learn and Love Life! These events are amazing and changing the world of shamanism, medicine, psychology and health. Please consider attending and since you are learning about this from MushroomShaman.com please enjoy the gift code MUSHROOM at check out!…
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