Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, Vancouver 2017

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These events are amazing and changing the world of shamanism, medicine, psychology and health. Please consider attending and since you are learning about this from MushroomShaman.com please enjoy the gift code MUSHROOM at check out!
The Use of Visionary/Healing/Awakening Plants such as ayahuasca, psilocybe mushrooms, iboga, peyote, cannabis, huachuma (San Pedro), and semi-synthetic substances like LSD and MDMA—is spreading rapidly during this period of intensified change.
These allies may be the most direct and effective teachers many of us have now when we meet them in the best of conditions (set and setting) and are able to integrate the insights and openings into our daily lives.
Just select your number of tickets and apply the code and you will enjoy the benefits of our extended family of Medicine friends.
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Hugh T Alkemi