Our First Webinar on Tarot Card Basics and Counseling

Have you ever wanted to learn about the meanings of tarot cards and how to apply that information into wisdom and counseling?

This is a webinar for people with basic tarot skills, no skills, or those who are struggling to learn. We will be teaching in 5 sessions as well demonstrating practice readings and counseling.
Session 1: Suits and the Origins of Cards/History of Reading
2: Trumps/Archetypes (Maybe two classes, or an extra long one)
3: Divination and Intuition vs Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching
4: Numerology: Ace through 10
5: Court Cards
Things you will need: Two or more tarot decks with non-similar artworks, traditional vs modern.
Bonus classes, and celebration: We will have an open free webinar to celebrate your graduation with the public and show guests your skills as readers.
To secure a position please pay for your spot on Paypal or ask about payment with Bitcoin options.
This event is 100 usd per household. And for readings check out my services page.


Questions? Call or (better yet) Text Trevahr 858-333-7676
Email: Info@mushroomshaman.com
Sign up on Facebook by adding me as a friend: https://www.facebook.com/theosoma


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