New Ways to Take Magic Mushrooms 2: Tea

In my last article on the subject of mushrooms (the magic psilocybin containing kind), I talked about microdosing. To continue the subject of new ways to take psychedelics, I will share and expound upon two methods that when microdosing or otherwise I prefer, their effects and some of my personal stores with these processes.

Method 1: Tea
Before the art of chocolate (see next section) was revived and perfected this was by far my preferred method for microdosing and sometimes psychedelic dosing (3 grams or more usually- if it’s psilocybe cubensis). Often times this process can be simple, quick and tasty but has some differences in effect when compared to eating whole, fresh, or dried magic mushrooms.

First, let’s find the baseline mushroom experience that you will notice throughout the scene. Usually people find magic mushrooms on the street or dark web that have been dried and generally are a strain or “variety” (a hybrid/designer strain) of Psilocybe Cubensis. The common terms for these sacred fungi are “shrooms, cubes, gooms, boomers” and so on. Most people online suggest taking a psychedelic dose of 3.5 grams but as stated in my previous articles about dosage, I have found a wide variety of amounts and methods which can all yield different results for different folks. Most people will just eat the dried shrooms or blend them into something, which as long as the dehydration process was done at lower temperatures, should masterfully maintain the amounts of psilocin and psilocybin in the magic mushrooms.

Personally, I find that after the mushrooms have been dried and all the moisture removed, the grinding, smashing or breaking apart processes do little to change the amounts of the active alkaloids and thus should diminish potency. Although, sun light, heat (above 162 degree Fahrenheit) , and oxygen (especially moist air) exposure over time can all contribute to the breakdown of psilocin and sometimes psilocybin…so for potency’s sake vacuum seal and cold-dark store all mushrooms or powders.

I mean you did something difficult and costly to acquire them and possibly even broke the law in your area, so store them well and treat them with reverence as you would any “Host of God.”

Back to the tea; to be honest adding water and heating magic mushrooms usually diminishes their potency in some small to large way and it is very important to do this process precisely (or at least to not be disappointed if you don’t have a deep strong trip). For me the process of tripping is best if it is shortened but strong so I can move on to the processing part where I sort the new information brought through my altered state. So mushroom tea, for me and others as you can see from this video, tends to be a shorter more intense trip in the right dosage. Remember is you see blue, there is a chemical breakdown occurring and a time limit to consider (a short shelf life).

To make mushroom tea, start by separately heating distilled or purified water to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit (or a little less to be safe). You have the option to add lemon or citrus juice (just a large squeeze) as some people enjoy this flavor and it has been said to help the extraction process and possibly strengthen the effects of the psilocybin.

Remember the active ingredients degrade chemically at temperatures above 162 degree Fahrenheit.

So once you are fairly sure (usually by testing with a thermometer) that your water is about 150 degrees or below, add your mushrooms. These can be dried or fresh. I prefer to increase surface area by breaking them into small pieces. Some people. including me, have enjoyed ground mushroom powder that can be made by use of a coffee grinder (remember to clean it before and after). This dried powder should also be weighed and can be mixed into a warm water solution to make tea the same as dried or fresh mushrooms (whole or crumbled). It’s important, in my opinion that a person at least break up the mushrooms so that water can have access to more surface area.

If you have a fork or something similar you can stir, mix and press the mushroom matter in the water while waiting 5 minutes for the solution to steep. In my opinion 10 minutes is also safe to wait while steeping but anything longer than that risks chemical breakdown and potency. If you have a clean French press this can be very helpful. After the steep time is complete, you should have water with active psilocybin and psilocin in it.

If you have mushroom matter floating around in your cup. press or tea pot, you can drink around it, eat it after drinking the tea (or before), or scoop it out. The best method for people with sensitive stomachs (as shroom tea and mushrooms especially raw, have been known to give people stomach trouble including nausea) is to pour the liquid off into another cup before drinking. Separating the fungal body of the mushroom from the essential tea extract is very likely to eliminate any stomach sensitivities and nausea that would normally result from digesting food or semi-raw mushrooms.

Mushrooms are like shellfish in their levels of chitin and for some people lacking in the enzyme chitinase, they can be very difficult to digest without being cooked. Shellfish and mushroom cell wall break down with heat, that is why it is generally a rule in culinary classes and cultural cooking to cook or saute mushrooms of almost every kind before human consumption.

Well there you have it! If you followed these suggestions up to this point you are about to go on a magic journey. Hopefully you are in safe lovely environment with someone watching over you and your body until you return to “normal” consciousness. Remember to journal your visions when you are “back” and talk to friends or counselors if you have difficulty with something you saw or experienced.

You might be ready to graduate to Method 2: Chocolate Truffles (coming soon)
Or the secret bonus combo Method 3: Maya Hot Cocoa (coming soon)

-Hugh T Alkemi