Grand Opening Sale: End of Scorpius and Beginning of Sagittarius specials

Did you know that the sign of Scorpio in the zodiac reaches over into Sagittarius? Reminder that nothing in the sky is a clear cut boundary and it’s all relative! Ha, relatively far way! None the less, it affects us. So in the sky the tail of Scorpius reaches into the Sign of the Archer. At 10 to 11 degrees of Sagittarius there is what astrologers call the “Sting of Scorpius” and at 14 degrees Scorp between 52 seconds and 54 seconds this is the “Venom of Scorpius.” These are known negative points in the zodiac which may “harm the eyes”.
Do you have a connection with these points?
I do, but not in a harmful way. I have Scorpius at my MC or midheaven top of chart. As a child I was always dreaming of scorpions, I drew them constantly, like every day and I even owned several of them as pets until I was a late teen. It was a little bit of an obsession that seemed un-related to anything. More on that another time. Plus my two favorite pop cultural and media interests were: Venom (an anti-hero, character that started as a villain in the Spiderman comics) and Sting (singer, songwriter, sometimes actor. I loved his music from an early age). Odd coincidence. Do you have things like this in your life? Astrology has help me find why and how things happen to me.
(based on information from Al-biruni an ancient Persian astronomer from 1026 AD)
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-Your Captain