Testimonials From Days Long Passed

For more than a year and a half Hugh T Alchemy and I have been tracking lucky days and other auspicious days using Vedic Astrology with great success. More recently we have incorporated other systems as well. We are seeing some rather impressive results.

We have been practicing at home for months, then we began having friends join us to play games and use strategies and record the results. More recently Hugh began asking friends to join us at local casinos around Phoenix to play on these days using the methods he charted. The results have been impressive to say the least.

Once we took 7 people to the casino and EVERYONE came out ahead, meaning we all left with more than we started with, some a little and some a lot more (mostly depending on the amount they started with). If you’ve ever been to a casino, especially in a group you know that this is a rare thing for everyone in your group to leave with more than they came with!

More recently we decided to go to Vegas baby!! I consider that during the aligned times and days when our friends followed his advice they had 100% success. When they disregarded his advice and did the opposite of what he advised they seemed to have a 100% failure rate. This tells me that our combined systems coupled with his research is working impressively!  -Xana, AZ 2014

During my Human Design Chart Reading and Assessment with Trevahr, I learned a lot about how various systems of the body’s energetics can be integrated.  The possible imprints which related to my particular Earth birth qualities which were discussed during the session I accepted with some skepticism.  Later on, I was able to reflect back and observe these noted patterns and acknowledge how much of a clear view I was offered.  Thank you, Trevahr for passing along this knowledge. -Andrea, Phoenix AZ 2012

“Trevahr had been trying to get me into the casinos for some time, stressing days that the planets were in my favor. And after convincing me to go, he told me the exact time to go to the tables. Within roughly a half and hour, $20 had turned into $130. I took my earnings being more ahead than I had left a casino in years. I will be going back on his lead again. Not just for the money (though its a nice incentive) But also because this is quite possible the most worthwhile astrological experiment that I’ve come across my whole life. Its black-and-white. Either you came out on top at the end of the night or you didn’t. Either he predicted your night accurately or he didn’t. Trevahr doesn’t give himself any room for cliché astrologer double-talk. And last Friday, my first night as a part of his work, he predicted my fortune accurately. So far, that’s 100%.” -Seth, Phoenix AZ 2012

“Thank you for for an extraordinary evening. As someone who has, over the years, studied and used various systems for business, healing and manifestation, both personally and professionally, I am impressed by the results your system provided. What you are teaching and using produces tangible outcomes in a timely, practical, “real world” way. This is more than just “positive affirmations” or “just good luck”, but a way of quantitatively interpreting and shaping experiences. Congratulations on your success!” -Stephen, Phoenix AZ 2012