Good Tarot Questions

Everyone who is interested in the future and knowing certain hidden things about themselves or their world should know how to ask. Asking and the process of making clear symbolic communication with both words and thoughts/intentions is a skill that is very important to a good tarot reading. In my opinion, the most accurate readings are the best and thus I coach people to set the following conditions and descriptors while beginning a reading or preparing for one:

When and What? Is this about love or money or health? Is it your health or something outside of you? Is it something in the future? Are there elements of your wish or desire here in the present or did they happen in the recent past?


The cards easily and truthfully respond to these kinds of things.


Is it permissible to ask about this? Is it ok to ask about someone else? Do I have permission or is it in the highest good of all?


How am I open to receiving the things that I want? HOW is very important! Many people ask about love but are not willing to travel to find it or to look for it at work? How do you want to make money? Working for yourself or someone else? Are you taking a risk or just working hard over a long period of time?

And lastly, it’s all in the way you say something or the way you hold back that we as readers will respond and offer details. Sometimes it’s best to give what you are looking for but nothing else…for example if the reading is love don’t start by saying that you just broke up with someone and are looking for new love…wait and see if the cards talk about love in the past and maybe if they want you to take it easy for a few weeks.

Often times what the questioner wants and what they need are two different things.


The Captain