Services Price Update Effective Aug 24th, 2017 PT Midnight

Finding a guide you trust with your healing and destiny is decision not best made in haste for most people. We encourage you to call and discuss any questions you may have. References are cheerfully offered upon request. See Email Below.

Hugh T Alkemi’s services include:

-Tarot Card Reading (or Playing Cards) via Phone or Video Chat

-Transits and Natal Charts in Western Astrology

-Shamanic Medicine Walks and Rituals in Nature***

-Business Branding and Renaming plus Numerology

-Dream Interpretation

-Ghost Hunting/Spirit Cleansing/Communication/Negotiation***

-Casino Tours and Gambling Game Training in Las Vegas NV

-Natal Astrology and Human Design chart readings

-Personal and Business Entity Chart Interpretations

-Future Financial Forecasting of Corporate or Personal Entities***

-Bitcoin and Currency Chart Analysis***

-Dowsing for Water, Gold, or Hidden Treasure and Lost Objects***

…If it has a birth date the Captain can track it! With focused intention and memories of this path from previous lives, the Captain has studied Metaphysics, Divination, Symbol Interpretation for 20 years… about 10 of those years he has been offering these skills to friends, family and clients. Captain Hugh specializes in the weird and occult realms and is open to questions about your specific situation before appointments are scheduled.

***Please notice these services are now solely available through cryptocurrency payments (online or in person) or cash (in person). We accept most forms of cryptocurrency with online wallets.


Bitcoin payments are welcome and encouraged!!

More detailed Menu coming soon and for now services are billed at $88 per hour (sliding scale) and not available the same day in which contact is made. Please allow between 3 and 24 hours for us to respond to your communication.

Email me or Book through Twitter and Instagram @MUSHROOMSHAMAN

Paypal is another option for easy payments.