Bitcoin Astrology Charting I

The place and time of the first bitcoin block mined aka Bitcoin birth chart

The place and time of the first bitcoin block mined aka Bitcoin birth chart

As an astrology teacher and a fortune teller, many people ask me about their personal investments and possible return on these. For the most part, people want divination like card readings and an interpretive analysis of the outcome of their current decisions and destiny when in actuality the best forecasts or prophetic readings are those where all factors able to be considered are communicated clearly and considered well by the reader and the questioner. Essentially, analysis of the known factors and intuitive detection of the unknowns. The biggest factor when speculating the outcome of a resource based situation is usually energy-loss management. As this holds true in gambling and it is said that the first key to winning is money management. 

For me, personally and when teaching others, there’s a mathematical metaphysical order of operations:

1. Management of Money and Resource (Time VS Money VS Personal Attention/Intention)

2. Knowing how to play a game of chance or speculate in a strategic or “proven” method and understanding the rules of probability and the game itself.

3. Position in Temporal Space (Where in the World a decision is being made)

4. ESP, RV and other Metaphysical Skills.

5. Comparative analysis of predicted outcome and actual outcome (from different angles)

We’ll use Bitcoin (BTC) for an example as it’s something that I have invested in based on it’s astrological chart. The long term natal chart of bitcoin is heavily influenced by the planet Saturn (the greater malefic). In speculation and gambling Saturn has been cited to help many players including Amarillo Slim one of the world’s first and most famous Professional Poker Players. It’s an astrological influence that takes some time to make a large amount of money/resources and often can wait several years (sometimes a natal chart can wait up to 34 years to ripen) before allowing an individual or situation to mature and generate sustainable and profitable income. Usually individuals with conditions of Saturn or Capricorn tend to learn from their experiences and never make the same mistake again; hence they say, Capricorns age well.

These factors in Saturn within a chart especially if it’s well aspected produce an energy that is long standing and long term beneficial while in the shorter term, may cause slow steps forward and backward in a long road to success. I recently was reminded about how Saturn can be late coming into a new house/sign because of it’s “dance” in the sky. I often compare the dance of Saturn in the night sky to a dance of retirees at an old folks home, slow but pleasant and often meandering. This year is an example of this energy, as Saturn moves forward for most of the first part of 2014 then backward almost 8 degrees in the astronomical sign of Libra then forward again until winter 2014 when it finally enters Scorpio (and the shit gets REAL).

So, for bitcoin this means that its here to stay and it’s long standing enough to be here for the lifespan of the Internet. Saturn is the god of Immortality and from the many presentations about the nature of bitcoin, I believe this is an immortal currency. Value is something that should also consider but I’ll add that in my next blog on Bitcoin’s birthday.


The Captain

Bitcoin stands in my research to be an interesting and worthwhile investment and longterm strong currency. As you will notice in the links for reference other people concur that it’s here to stay.

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Originally published for on January 24th 2014 by T HUGHES